How we make a difference

Two areas, close to the heart

In a society where time is increasingly scarce, human interaction and empathy risk being impaired. The Mogren Medicine Prize awardees work in various ways to strengthen empathy, patient focus and human rights in healthcare.

When the patient meeting is not granted enough time, it becomes a problem not only for the patient but also for the entire healthcare system. It can lead to unnecessary visits, costly investigations and, in the worst case, misdiagnoses. When the healthcare system deprioritises the patient encounter to save money, it risks costing even more in the end while causing people harm.

The purpose of the Mogren Medicine Prize is to recognise, celebrate, and encourage the work that should be at the heart of healthcare but is now at risk of being lost.

No matter who we are, we can be united in music. The Mogren Music Prize supports young, promising musicians, hoping to be a springboard to a successful professional career.

A strong society requires a strong cultural life. The unique spaces created by music allow different thoughts and feelings to come together. This is how democracy is built outside the political arena.

What our Music Prize awardees have in common is their exceptional ability to touch the audience with creativity, technical brilliance and artistry. By supporting them early in their careers, we want to support the cultural sector, where first admission can be perceived as difficult. It is crucial for both individual awardees’ development as well as their possibilities to inspire more people to choose music as a career path.

"We didn’t put ourselves in the patient’s shoes at all when we organised health care flows. We have to dare to invest in continuity and compassionate patient meetings."

Marie-Louise Lydrup, 2022 Mogren Medicine Prize awardee