2019 Medicine Prize

Valdemar Erling

Jury motivation: "Dr Valdemar Erling puts conversation and the patient at the centre, at a time when technological advancements risk creating a distance in human interactions in healthcare. This creates a valuable counterbalance to an overly technical and bureaucratic healthcare system."

Photographer: Kristin Lidell

About Valdemar Erling

Dr Valdemar Erling is a senior consultant and hematologist at Sahlgrenska University Hospital in Gothenburg. He is being honoured for his efforts to improve patient-centred care by making language an essential tool in medical practice. He is dedicated to the humanistic aspects of health care and strives to change the practice of patient rounds.

As chairman of the Swedish Association for Narrative Medicine, Valdemar Erling has worked to make doctor-patient communication and patients' own medical stories an important part of care. Valdemar is a valued lecturer who is committed to sharing his knowledge with students, trainees, and colleagues.